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In this page we list the commercial relational database services in the cloud, and related cloud-centric database products.


Amazon Relational Database Services

A service provided by Amazon to configure and manage MySQL running on top of their EC2 virtual machine service.

Using RDS:

  • Launch a database instance of the specified EC2 virtual machine size.
  • Select the size of the backup instance (stored in the EBS NAS disk service).
  • Select retention period for automated database backups (stored in S3). Backups are captured during a predefined backup window.
  • Can initiate snapshots manually at any time.
  • Can restore to a given snapshot.

Microsoft SQL Services

Microsoft SQL Azure Database provides SQL Server hosted by Microsoft. They claim that it is highly available, scalable, and multi-tenant. Currently, users select the "size" of database they want hosted, but beyond that, Microsoft handles the rest of the service.


Initial product is a "single database instance as a service" product, similar to Amazon RDS. They have recently announced a scalable database as a service product, that claims to be highly available and scalable. No technical details are available at the moment.


LongJump is a startup offering a "Platform as a Service" for "non-programmers." This includes some Database as a Service features. They offer three types of service:

  • Multitenant - Dedicated Multitenant/Single Database, Multitenant/Multiple Database, Mixed-Mode configuration ideal for Service Providers, ISVs, system integrators, or large-scale enterprises that need to host applications with a secured separation between business units.
  • Single-Tenant - Dedicated Single or Multiple Database configuration ideal for enterprises needing a scalable, unifying application platform behind the company firewall or on a private instance.
  • On-Demand (Platform-as-a-Service) - LongJump's multitenant single database PaaS configuration currently running as a web-based service on Enables departments and smaller businesses to create applications on a shared, always-on, hosted platform

The pricing scheme for On-Demand seems more expensive than other options:

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